Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Research & Consulting

Vocational Research & Consulting

Vocational Expert Testimony

Vocational Expert Testimony

May include some of the following:


Vocational Testing: Abilities and Interest

Career Counseling: Job Search Skills, Compile Resume and Cover Letter

Labor Market Surveys

Review of Medical Information and Restrictions in the Work Place

Research and Recommendations to Training Schools and Universities

Deposition Transcript Review

W-2, 1099, and Income Tax Return Review

Complete and Comprehensive Report

Out of State Services Available by Appointment Only

DM Sims & Associates is interested in individuals seeking contract consultant work for the purposes of assisting with vocational research information and labor market surveys. If you are interested in being one of the professionals on  our consultant list, please forward your resume or CV and area of expertise.

Helpful Websites: Ability to research job opportunities, qualifications and wages nationwide.

The San Diego Daily Transcript - job leads for legal professionals North County Times – North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County job leads.

The San Diego Union Tribune, job leads and career fair information

Salary Survey, city specific, nationwide.

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